Capay Oaks Farm

Our family farm is located in the beautiful Capay Valley.  The valley is located in the Inner Coast Ranges of northern California roughly 40 miles northeast of Napa Valley and 40 miles northwest of Davis, California. It is well known for its beauty, warm summers, organic farms and complex soils. It is particularly well suited to olive production of the highest quality. Here we farm unique varieties of olives we have selected after years of sampling oil from many parts of the world. We grow, Arbequina, known for its fresh fruity and grassy qualities, Aglandau for its noted floral qualities, and Picual for its piquant and long lasting flavor.  We also grow Hoji Blanca, reputed to have the most complex range of flavors known to olives, and Pendolino, contributing the perfect balance of peppery and subtly bitter qualities.  Together these varieties create a perfectly balanced oil of the highest quality.

We are convinced it is the combination of soil, warm sun, the specific blend of fruits, our biodynamic farming, and personal attention and care, that results in such exquisite oil. The flavor is perfectly balanced with the grassy, floral and fruity flavors matching the desirable piquant, bitter and pungent qualities. We hope you enjoy our carefully crafted extra virgin olive oil. You can use it for cooking, dipping, in salads, on your skin, drizzling on risotto, or just drink it straight out of the bottle.  Use it generously and often, as we do.