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Cold Days, Hot Chocolate

As I sat indoors today, watching the rain grace us with its presence through a large window looking over The Bay, I felt a strong need to embrace, what could be, one of the coziest days of the year. Unfortunately, we have not gotten much rain this year, so on  the days it comes down in full force, we must embrace it and let it know we welcome it…

To accompany my view, the remaining necessecities were easy: an oversized blanket, a good read, and a large cup of rich hot chocolate.  Whenever I make my hot chocolate for friends, I seem to get compliments that are undeserving, as the recipe is so simple it is silly.  So on this beautiful rainy day, I will gladly share this treat with you.

Step 1: Fill a jar 3/4 full with milk as a means of measuring how much you will need.  Pour the milk into a pot and set aside.  Using the same jar, fill it 1/4 full with chocolate chips.  I prefer to use 61% cocoa.

photo 1

Step 2: Keeping the pot of milk uncovered, place it on the stove top on medium heat.  Stir the milk continuously to prevent it from burning or boiling over.  Once the milk begins to boil, promptly remove it from the stove, and pour it into your jar over the chocolate chips.  Let it sit for a minute or two.

photo 2

Step 3: Using a whisk, stir your hot milk and chocolate quickly, completely dissolving the chocolate into the milk.  If you are a perfectionist, you can strain your hot chocolate to remove any chocolate bits that do not dissolve.  If you are a kid at heart, do not strain the hot chocolate, and enjoy the mouthful of chocolate you get in your last sip!

photo 3


Enjoy your hot chocolate, stay cozy, and thank the clouds for all this lovely rain! Happy Monday!

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